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"Finally Revealed: New, Non-Surgical Relief for Chronic Back Pain- That Actually Works"


New report reveals Medical Breakthrough Technology that shows significant results in relieving chronic back pain


CENTRAL ILLINOIS- Most people have no idea what to do when they suffer back or neck pain from a herniated disc.  They use heat, ice, sleep on the floor, stretch, do exercises, and even take pain pills hoping their pain will go away.  If you suffer with chronic back or neck pain from a herniated disc, don’t even think about calling another doctor or considering surgery until you read this newly released FREE report that research has proven successful treating debilitating back and neck pain without drugs, shots, or surgery.


Dr. Jeffrey Dickhut DC of  Bloomington has released "The Severe Back, Sciatica, And Disc Pain Guide", that will reveal how his patients have gone back to work, are able to play with their kids, and return to the activities that they once loved without having surgery, taking medications or having shots. Discover for yourself why your treatments may have failed and how medical technology relatively new to Central Illinois may provide a solution for you.


To request your FREE COPY of this amazing report, simply FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW, and within 24 Hours, your report will be mailed to you. Don't wait, it's time to get your life back!


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Terrence Royce“I am a construction foreman for a landscape company.  I build walls, patios, move tress all day long.  I hurt my back on a job and visited several doctors.  I found out I had a degenerative disc (bulging disc).  One doctor said I needed to find a new career, and two doctors recommended surgery.  I seen a add on t.v. about the DRX 9000 and Dr. Dickhut.  I was skeptical at first.  I am thirty-eight years old and didn’t want to have surgery.  My career would be over.  So I made the call, and got a free consultation with Dr. Dickhut.  I am so glad I did.  Dr. Dickhut and his staff treated me with professionailism and courtesy.  

~John Henline, proud father and landscaper  


Theodore Less“What can I say about Dr. Dickhut and his staff and DRX.  They are very knowledgeable and care very much how you feel and will go above and beyond to help you.   I saw the T.V. advertisement for DRX & sent for information.  I kept putting off making an appointment and I wish now I had not waited so long to see Dr. Dickhut.  I had 3 herniated disc and thinning disc.  I could hardly bend over or even get up & down out of my semi truck.   Now, I am pain free, my energy level is much improved, I just feel so much better.  I am hunting and competing with my bow & arrow.    All I can say is don’t wait like I did.  Come in see the doctor--the DRX does work it was really worth it to me.  Dr. Dickhut really knows his stuff.  Also I like to say I lost 50 lbs while I was being treated.   “Thank you.”

~ Jim Curtis, Truck Driver, Bloomington


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